How to Choose the Best Dog Treats


Unlike the past, people are more concerned about the type of food they give their dogs. Dogs have definitely got themselves a better place in the family, with dog owners endeavoring to feed them with food that is healthy. Actually, dogs are now getting treats than ever imagined aforetime. Dogs qualify themselves for treats for one reason or another. It may be as a reward for good behavior, training reinforcement, or as assign that we love them! Nowadays there is more than the old-fashioned milk bone that was generally used as the universal dog treat. There is evidently much more variety when it comes to choosing dog treats. Due to the vast availability of dog treats in the market, confusion can set in, and we end up unable to wisely choose from the various products in the market today. Following are some tips as you choose a healthy betsy farms chicken jerky dog treat.

Look at the Ingredients

One of the very important things that you can do in choosing a dog treat is to look at the ingredients of the formulae. It is quite misguided to ignore the ingredients on the premise that it is “only a treat.” Treats occupy a significant part in most diets for dogs. The ingredients you need to look for are either natural or organic ingredient. Treats made with whole grains are better. These in cooperate things like oats, brown rice and proteins like chicken or beef. Be on the watch out for sugar or fat; these are not good for your dog. It is best to go for a single cause protein and complete grains. Also, you need to look for treats that contain oxidant rich vegetables such as beans, spinach, and kelp. Generally, vegetables are great for your dog.

Calorie Count

Again, consider the calories in the treat. Generally, avoid fatty treats. Go for the treats that are low in fat and calories. Visit this website about dog treats.


When choosing a treat for your dog, you should not ignore the texture of the treat. As a rule of thumb, a more firm is much better for your dog than a soft treat. This is because if the dog’s dental health. Actually, dogs reduce the plaque buildup around their teeth when they chew hard treats.

All in all, regardless of the treats you end up giving your dog, ingredients are the most significant thing to consider. You need to thereby focus on the same, check this site here!